An Important Lesson in Defeat

11-25-16-blogGuest blog by Deputy Principal, Karrie Weinstock

Moving into Bullying Prevention Week, I asked our students to reflect on what it means to be brave. Their insightful comments included, “Believing in your brave self,” “Doing what’s hard,” and “Never letting failure define you”.

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Failing Is Always a Possibility

Margaret McMillan

Margaret MacMillan addresses parents, students and guests at Installation.

Guest blog by alumna Margaret MACMILLAN’81.

I’m a paediatric oncologist, and specialize in bone marrow transplantation at the University of Minnesota. I first discovered my love of math and sciences at Branksome, a school which has been a part of my family for 45 years. So it was a true privilege to address the graduating class of 2017 and students from Grade 6 to 21 who hold leadership positions at Branksome’s Installation on October 7.

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Finding confidence in uncertainty

blog-kw-9-27-16Guest Blog by Karrie Weinstock, Deputy Principal

A new school year, filled with possibilities, choices and opportunities, is also filled with uncertainties. On the first day, indeed, the first few weeks of school, there is so much we cannot know and so many questions: Where will we find success? Where will we struggle and experience frustration—because surely we all will. Who will be our trusted supports and friends?

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The Importance of Belonging

Therriault,-Joelle-(2)Guest Blog by Joelle Therriault, Lead Social Worker

During our Inclusivity Assembly, I assigned students an activity: think about one thing you do or will begin doing to promote a sense of belonging in our community. I then asked the girls to discuss their answer with the person sitting next to them.
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Heroes in Space and Heroes on Stage

hadfield bowie

Chris Hadfield and David Bowie

Last week, on the suggestion of a friend, I found myself watching a YouTube video that had gone viral. The video led me to think about life and learning at Branksome Hall and all of the many interdisciplinary connections.

The video to which I refer, was first released in 2013. It connects two very different, very talented men; one being the recently deceased, David Bowie, who Robert Everett-Green described in the Globe and Mail as, “a mysterious and unique hero, whom the arts world revered.” The other, is the former Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, a Canadian hero—one whom the world of science and research reveres.

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